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New CARB Opacity Standard effective July 1, 2019.

On July 1, 2019, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) approved amendments to the HDVIP and PSIP regulations went into effect.

  • Requires persons who conduct PSIP opacity testing to obtain a CARB-approved smoke tester identification number.
  • Fleet owners or employees who conduct opacity tests on their own vehicles are required to take an online course, which will be offered at no cost through CARB’s website.
  • Current tester certificates will remain valid through the certificates expiration date.
  • All smoke opacity test limits must adhere to the amended regulation requirements

CARB's New Opacity Limits

BT2000 Wireless with New CARB  Limits Click to Enlarge

BT2000 Wireless Printout Click to Enlarge

California Council on Diesel Education and Technology (CCDET)

Attend school and get certified. Click on "CCDET" (link to ARB web site):

CCDET Class Schedule

For California, Vehicle is subject to HDVIP and or PSIP

Those vehicles 2016 and older subject to Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection Program (HDVIP) and or Periodic Smoke Inspection Program (PSIP) needs to be smoke opacity tested with a BT 2000 type SAE J1667 smoke opacity meter before the end of 2019 calendar year. If you have any questions or doubts, about when to start opacity testing for your vehicles, contact the ARB.

Small & Large Fleet Owners and Data Base Managers


  1. Large Fleet owners
  2. Fleet Managers of Trucking Firms
  3. Large Corporation with many trucks
  4. Data Base Managers

The BT2000 is one of the best smoke meter on the market that simplifies fleet owner and data base manager requirements for record keeping*.

For example, the Beryl Technologies BT2000 is the only meter on the market the has 6 ways to store, print, display, or analysis all of the first 8 parts of California's regulations, CCR Title 13, Section 2194 (a), record keeping requirements.

The BT2000 Smoke meter is the only meter with optional 2D Barcode reader. The optional 2D BarCode Reader and the BT2000 Smoke meter allows the meter operator to quickly and accurately load the test site information, vehicle information, and tester information. From power "on" to start smoke test, the BT2000 smoke meter will be ready to start test in less than a minute.

The "BTLink" software with the BT2000 allows the meter operator to download the test results in several file formats (html, CSV, and excel). The xml data format and custom data base formats are also and available as a meter software download options (call for more information).

The CSV, excel, and xml files are the most useful methods to allow large fleets and trucking firms enter data into there own data bases.

The each vehicle is subject to annual testing (retested within 12 months of the previous test, see CCR title 13, Section 2193, part c). The test records are required to be keep for two years after the date of inspection (CCR Title 13, Section 2192, part a 9). Putting the data into a secure data base, simplifies the record keeping requirement.

Reminder: Always print a standard meter printout after each smoke test and sign it with a wet signature.

Beryl BT 2000 has Five Different Recording Outputs

1: Meter Printout

Print Test from Meter

2: PC Download

Print Test from PC

3: PC Download

Excel Spread Sheet

4: PC Download

Print Smoke Certificate
Digital Verification
5: PC Cloud

Smoke Test Certificate
Digital Verification
  Standard Printout (in 10 seconds) smoke opacity download  pc printout sample CSV download file (open with Excel) Download test with certificate and digital signature (open with adobe reader) Cloud Download with certificate and digital signature (open with adobe reader)

See more details about Smoke Test Recording.


About SAE J1667

Snap acceleration smoke test procedure for heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles

Click on "SAE J1667" for more info (link to ARB web site):

SAE J1667© 1996 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc.

Beryl Technologies Declaration

Beryl Technologies notarized declarations to the Air Resource Board (ARB), stating that BT2000 meters meet all the SAE J1667 specifications.

Declaration of Compliance with SAE J1667 Specifications

CARB Advisory 351

CARB Advisory Num 351, Rev Dec, 2014.


SAE J1667© 1996 Society of Automotive Engineers, Inc. .
















































Beryl BT Link PC Software

Download Smoke test data: Download Smoke test data to an Excel Spreadsheet.

Download each smoke test to individual PC File and print smoke test results from PC. 

Download is compatible with secure upload to Beryl Data Cloud backup system. (Watch the PC Smoke Test Download Video)

smoke opacity download  pc printout

Sample PC Smoke Test Printout: Download to PC with PC software. Remember to always sign the printout with a wet signature. (Watch the PC Smoke Test Download Video)


smoke opacity printout with optional download and certificate

Sample PC Smoke Test Printout #4 with Certificate and Digital Verified Signature: Requires optional Beryl's PC download software "BTLink", a custom certificate template, and signature pad. Digital verified signature PDF file is saved with Adobe Acrobat Pro. Once the smoke test are downloaded, certificate and digital verified signature can be added quickly.  Note: Always verify with your local regulators which outputs are acceptable for your regulatory record keeping.(Watch the PC Smoke Test Download Video)


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