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Free Smoke Opacity Meter Tune Up with purchase  of a Opacity Meter Calibration.


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Free Heavy-Duty Meter Boot with purchase of Smoke meter

BT2000 Wireless smoke meter


Boot: Protects Meter in Industrial Testing Environment


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Free Smoke Test Download Software "BTLink" with

purchase of Smoke meter*

(Watch the PC Smoke Test Download Video)

Expires Nov 30,2018

* PC Download software is only compatible with 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 8 Operating Systems with latest software updates and hardware with available USB Port. Extra service charges may apply, if Computer assistance is needed and computer operating systems is not completely up to date.   This coupon can be combine with other coupons.

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Cloud Storage Printing with Certificate and Digital Signature

smoke opacity printout with optional download and certificate

Sample Cloud  Smoke Test Printout #5 with Certificate and Digital Verified Signature and vehicle BarCode:

The initial data for this certificate was downloaded from the BT 2000 smoke meter and saved in the BT Cloud service.  The data was then downloaded from the BT Cloud to the PC with an internet browser.  The smoke test was then converted to a certificate, digitally signed and saved as a verified PDF file.


Requires Beryl's BT Cloud service, BTLink PC download software "BTLink", a custom certificate template, and signature pad. Digital verified signature PDF file is saved with Adobe Acrobat Pro. Once the smoke test are downloaded, certificate and digital verified signature can be added quickly.  Note: Always verify with your local regulators to determine which outputs are acceptable for your regulatory record keeping. PDF is best viewed in Adobe Reader.

(Watch the PC Smoke Test Download Video)


Wireless BT2000 on 5 inch curve stack

Instant On and Off: Wireless BT 2000 Smoke Opacity Sensor test setup on 5 inch curve stack.

(Shown: Wireless Sensor, magnet assembly, and hook)



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